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This community was created for the pairing JunTa. JunTa stands for HeeJun and KangTa. Ever since I got a live journal account I wanted to create a lj community for the beloved pairing JunTa. What made me do it now is the simple fact that I realized it was about time. I want to keep the love of JunTa alive. I want there to be a place for JunTa fans to post fanfics , pictures , vids..stuff about JunTa.

♥ Rules ♥

1. Remember and love JunTa
2. Be nice to other members.
3. Use a LJ cut for large or alot of pictures
4. Posts here must be JunTa related
5. No Spamming about un JunTa related stuff
6. credit pictures , information , graphics ..stuff like that CORRECTLY if its not yours

sassygirl23_35 HeadModdie ^_^
echo_in_me The kickbutt and cool co-moddie

a big thank you to echo_in_me who put together the layout and put it on the community.

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